Tier two: $2400

Minimally Modern, Masterfully Presented... ur Tier Two website package targets the small, or medium-sized firm that needs a more expansive web presence. Your Tier Two website will have an attractive home page with an optional home page slideshow which may include 1-line captions, showcasing large images of your work. The Tier Two Website also includes both an 'About', and 'Contact' page with your titles and text. It may include up to two 'Partner'/'Bio' pages, an additional informational page and up to 2 Portfolio Project categories. Each project page may include a lightbox overlay enlargement of up to 5 project images. The Tier Two website addresses the small Design, Architectural, Engineering, Contracting, or small business firm that cannot afford and does not need all of the features of our more costly package, presented in a minimally modern, masterfully efficient way.

Tier Two Check List


  • Up to 2 design concepts
  • "Home / Main" page with large, 1-line captioned, 10 image Slide-Show of your work
  • One or Two Portfolio Project categories containing up to 24 total project pages
    • Each category may contain up to 12 projects
    • Each project represented by a main image represents one project page
    • Each project page may contain up to 5 additional images of that project
    • Each project page image, may have a lightbox overlay enlargement

  • Up to two "Partner/Bio" pages
  • About, Contact, and One "Informational" page
  • 1 Level of Navigation (main navigation)
  • 2 Design Reviews based on the Tier Two Framework.
  • Please see the Tier Three Package if you require a more expansive, flexible and complete web presence including blogging capabilities and other important features, or you can go to the Options page to add the features you need to perfect your Tier Two Web Package.

Don't forget to check out the Options "Deli" for information on getting your images digitized and web-ready, plus find additional choices to help you customize your Tier Two Web Package...also visit the FAQ page to find out how to help us get the design process started for you!