Step 2: choose Your Add-ons from our Options "Deli"

We've laid it all out for you so there are never any hidden costs...

1 additional Static (text-based) web page matching your layout and theme, added to any package (text limit 300 words)
1 additional captioned Slide-Show with 10 images added to any existing page in any package
1 additional web page with up to 2 photos added to any package
1 additional web page with captioned Slide-Show of 10 images matching your layout and theme (added to any package)
1 additional web page + 12 image grid/thumbnail layout + enlarged image lightbox overlay for each image (to any package)
1 additional image added to any Slide-Show of any purchased web package
1 additional image with enlarged image lightbox overlay added to any purchased grid/thumbnail layout
Add your web-ready video to any page (includes custom player/skin) -each video
*We can also add additional web pages to your EXISTING website, with any of the above options (min. 120.00 charge)
40.00 hr
Scanning and Archiving Services (Digitizing of Photos)

Archiving photos on a CD/DVD protects your work from deterioration for years and years to come...

It has been proven that 20 years is the average life of a photo print. Even with proper care, your photos will fade over time. Ultimately, your originals just don’t have the longevity of a digital image. Scanning your photographs will allow you to maintain the quality of those images forever. Technology has advanced to the point where high resolution scanning and associated retouching techniques can restore those snapshots to their originally developed quality. You’ll be amazed at how good your photographs can and will look!

Photo Scanning and Archiving Includes...

A review of each photo before scanning to assess the best resolution for your needs as well as any color or exposure correction.
Hand Cropped to the edge of the image to remove any over scan border.
Rotating of each image to the proper orientation.
Image-By-Image correction of exposure problems.
Image-By-Image correction of color problems.
Photos are scanned by hand, one by one, which ensures a high quality scanned image.

Price: 7.50 ea.

Photo Scanning And Archiving Prices

Photos up to 8x10 (includes color correction & exposure correction) .....on to CD or DVD
10.00 ea.
* (Archival-grade DVDs storage life is 50-200 years)
3.50 ea.
* (Archival-grade CDs storage life is 50-200 years)
2.50 ea.
* (USB Flash Drive :A convenient way to store, transfer and share your important photos)
29.95 ea.
---A portable 4 GB storage drive holds up to 8,000 images + Plugs right into your computer + small & compact!

*Please note: There is a 2.50 shipping charge for each DVD, CD or Portable Storage Drive.
Please e-mail or ship photos to be scanned and/or processed to our office (No C.O.D.s accepted!)

Scanned photos are saved in JPEG or TIFF format, on a CD, DVD or Flash Drive, allowing you to easily access or print each photo later.

Please be advised that a 4x6 scanned photo will be scanned at that size, no bigger, in order to achieve the best quality photo for your printing needs. For web display, however, a 4x6 digital image can be "up-sized" with little to no quality loss.

For Complex editing (adding grass, deletion of eyesores, etc...please see our Photoshop Photo Editing and Correcting Services in the next toggle-button.)

Domain Name and Web Hosting Set-up Services

...Getting a website online can often be a daunting, time-consuming and confusing task...but we can do ALL this for you!

If you are not familiar with the procedure of getting a website online, don't worry! We've done it all before.
We can do all of it for you, or just pick up where you left off.

Domain Name and Web hosting Services: WE CAN...

  • Create your Website
  • Acquire your desired domain name
  • Register your Domain Name

You can usually purchase a .com domain name from a number of on-line services whose charges range anywhere from 8-18.00 a year. After you have your name, you will need a Web hosting service provider where your website will reside. Web host charges usually range anywhere from 14-25.00 a year, depending on the services you choose, and it is usually charged on a monthly basis. A Web host keeps your website on their servers for this service, allowing access to everyone who visits it. If you have already reserved a domain name, then we can forward that name to your web host. We charge a single set up fee of 30.00 to handle this procedure for you. So, no matter where you are in this process, we can help you complete it and get your website humming and accessible to everyone!

Photoshop Photo Editing | Correction Services

We offer a wide range of digital photo editing services to suit different client needs...

Specialized Photographic Services

Addition of grass, trees, bushes, and more to make a landscape look beautiful
“Background and foreground cleaning and cloning” --get rid of those eyesores...
Addition/Correction of “Sky” effects including: blue sky/gradient of colors/ “sunset” effects
Repair or cleaning of windows on buildings
Street/landscape/Interior cleanup (in most cases)

Price: 40.00 per hour

In most cases we can add or subtract any object in both Interior and Exterior photographs. If this is not possible, we can usually recommend a satisfactory alternative

Save that Photo! Turn a disappointing photo into a source of pride for your web portfolio...or make a good photo GREAT!

A COMPLETE Professional Photographic makeover includes...

Background cleaning and cloning
Removal of any "aged" look (an old photo gets back it's youth)
Minor perspective correction both to Interior and Exterior photographs
Color correction and restoration
Minor sharpening
Enhanced brightness/contrast correction
Correction of flash effects and backlight effects
Enhanced brightness/contrast correction
Shadow and highlight correction
Deepening of color/saturation
Repair and removal of minor (and sometimes major) scratches, stains, creases, dust, spots...
Color noise suppression
Conversion of color to black and white

Price: 10.00 each photo

Copy Editing | Copy Creation

...Whether your website text is ready and simply needs a quick proofing, or if you need assistance writing it, we can help!

If your writing is fairly polished but needs a final check for simple errors of spelling and punctuation, we offer that to our clients as a complimentary service. If you aren't sure where to start, or if you would like help creating the text for your web site, we can do that as well. We offer the following services:

Proofreading and Copy creation Services

PROOFREADING-Simple : A quick final check for any errors before posting to your website
COPY EDITING-Basic : We will help you with unclear wording, unnecessary repetition, or awkward sentence construction. All copy will be edited with your specific website needs in mind. All changes are highlighted for your review before they are posted. In areas needing further clarity, we'll comment back to you with a question or suggestion in order to get further direction from you.
$6.00 per *page
$20 per 1000 words
REWRITING-Moderate to Extensive : If you want us to take a more active and intensive editorial role in rewriting and reworking your text, then this is the editing option to choose. We'll clean up poor sentence construction, and will reorganize blocks of texts to accommodate your chosen web package, where necessary or requested. As with the basic editing option, all changes and suggestions are highlighted for your review.
$16.50 per *page
$55 per 1000 words

*Page estimates are based on the standard manuscript form at 300 words per page
(use an actual word count to get the most accurate estimate.)