Step 3: now we'll put it all together!

Let's go over the process...

Q. I've made up mind (or almost!)...what next?

A. The process begins when you contact us! We'll start by talking about the site you want to create... We'll talk about what you want to achieve. Be prepared to answer questions that will help us put together a realistic plan for your site.

Q. What will you do?

A. We'll give you a detailed proposal with firm pricing--there are NEVER any hidden fees or costs...Your proposal will include a list of everything we plan to do for you with some indication of a time line. (Keep in mind that if you have multiple changes and revisions during the course of your web project, it will affect the timeline.)

Q. What will you need from me?

A. Expect to pay a deposit or retainer on your website based on the package you choose. You can make that via paypal or check. Deposits, retainers or payments will be credited to the final invoice.

  • For Tier One, Product Page sites, or or Project Page sites a deposit/retainer is required before we begin. When we have received your final payment, your new website will be deployed!

  • For Tier Two and Three a deposit/retainer is required, and In mid-process a second payment will be required. Both your deposit and payment will be credited to the final invoice. When we receive your final payment your new website will be deployed.

Q. What about a domain name and Web Host?

A. Both need to be in place for your site. Please see the Options Page, click on the Domain Name and Web Hosting Services Toggle button if you would like us to assist you with this.

  • Domain name and registration: If you don't have a domain name registered yet, we can help you with that. We can also help recommend appropriate domain names for your business if you have not already registered one.

Q. What else will you need from me to get started?

A. The following is a list of things we will need from you...

1. A high resolution copy of your logo or any branding material to be included on your site, in digital form ( your logo can be scanned as a transparent .png or .jpeg, and any text--this can be e-mailed as a .txt, .rtf, .doc, .xdoc., any of the Open Office text formats, or as .pdf file attachment.-----we offer scanning services if you would like us to do this for you. You'll find this information under the Scanning and Archiving Services (Digitizing of Photos) Toggle button.
2. All of the PHOTOS and IMAGES you want to showcase on your site, in digital format (.jpeg and .tiff format are best.) ---again, check out our scanning services if you don't want to mess with this yourself.
3. Your Contact information.

4. Your Copy (text) that you want included on your website (about your Company, Business, Project or Product) in digital format as a .txt, .rtf, .xdoc, .doc, .pdf, or Open Office Formats. As you are gathering this information, it is a good time to consider the following:

  • Think about which headings you will want based on the tab headings or clickable links in your navigation which your package preference will include, and write the copy you wish to appear on those pages. This text will be used exactly as you have written it. If you need help with the process, we'll be glad to offer suggestions to get your started, or assist you in writing the copy for you. Check out the Copy Editing | Copy Creation information under the Toggle button on the Options page.