Project Page : $650

An Elegant, Informative Web Presence for your new Project... ur Single Project Page offers a visually appealing place on the Internet to announce a new or existing Project to your clients and customers. Your logo, branding, as well as any text you supply will be displayed cleanly and professionally on a elegant and modern layout, allowing you to build upon the page design at any time. By providing your clients with an introduction to your Project, and by giving them the important contact information they need, you position yourself where you need to be-- just a few clicks away!

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Single Project page

Your page INCLUDES:
  • Your Logo and colors in a sophisticated and professional layout
  • Up to 3 photos
  • Information about your company or single project
  • Your Contact Information
From our Options "Deli" you can customize your page with these features and others...
  • Add additional pages linked to the first with up to 2 photos for $50.00 each
  • Add a Slide-Show with 10 images to your single page for $100.00
  • Add an additional page plus a Slide-Show with 10 images for $200.00
  • Add an additional page with a 12 image grid thumbnail layout and enlarged image lightbox overlay $300.00
  • All communication is done by by phone, email and email attachments for ease, speed, and convenience

Don't forget to check out the Options "Deli" for information on getting your images digitized and web-ready, plus find additional choices to help you customize your Single Project Web Page...also visit the FAQ page to find out how to help us get the design process started for you!